Tomorrow July 20th is my Eddie's Birthday! For his birthday present I am sending him on a top secret mission. His birthday present is the Boudoir photos that I had done for him and a helicopter flight lesson. I wanted a creative fun way to give him both presents, I saw one of my photos in black and white and the idea of a secret mission came to mind. 
I bought some clasp envelopes and with a red sharpie wrote "Top Secret" making it look like a stamp. In the envelope I included black and white photos of my Boudoir photo shoot, a Joe's Crab Shack gift card, and a secret mission letter. In addition I bought him a Nerf Gun with extra ammo. The top secret mission letter reads:

Your mission should you choose to accept:

You have been provided with photos of a woman. This woman is armed and she is dangerous. She is believed to be hiding in a fort in the plains. Once you have located her, bag her and take her to the shack. I want her back alive.

You will also find your Elite Firestrike 53978 and requested laser, in case you find yourself in trouble, which will require explanation if used.

At the shack you will be greeted by an individual that will say, “How many?” Your response will be, “Two for Johnson Edward Johnson”. You will be provided with an envelope enclosed with instructions for the rest of your mission.

This message will self destruct in 30 seconds.

I had to drop the second envelope at Joe's Crab Shack before he got home from work. Meanwhile, I will be hiding and waiting for him to walk through the door so I can attack him with my Nerf Gun. After our Nerf Gun war we will head to dinner. . .

Enclosed in the second envelope is the Netflix DVD of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, our flight lesson reservation for his birthday tomorrow, and the second mission letter. This secret mission letter reads:

You are reading this message because you have completed the first part of your mission. Take her to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith they are waiting for you in a hut north of the plains. 

You will wait until 1300 hours, than make your way to Hanger 600. There you will find a helicopter waiting for you. Once you arrive Agent Flight will instruct you from there.

This message will self destruct in 30 seconds.

Once we are done with dinner we will head home to watch our movie and look forward to our flight lesson adventure. I can't wait to report back on this top secret mission adventure.

(In case you were wondering how he got his first envelope. . .  Eddie works with his brothers so I dropped the envelope and Nerf Gun off at his older brothers house the night before. I asked him to give the items to Eddie at work Friday.)